Backgrounds Backgrounds Backgrounds!

Our prototype now has the first set of original graphics! Everything up until now has been placeholder art from either previous projects or from google.

Now, we have our first background tileset – a bunch of grass – which is seamless moving horizontally. We also have a fence and some mountains in the background. Not only that, but we also added a sky with a moving Sun!

Another new mechanic that we also added was a warning signal to precede stuff that will be flying at the player. We realized that with a positive-x player velocity as well as a negative-x flying axes/knives/sticks velocity, it may possibly not give the player enough reaction time, and it may feel quite unfair.

This blinking indicator should make the game feel a bit more playable. The exact specs of the timing of the blinks and whatnot hasn’t been worked out yet, but at least it is working well!

For the next update, we are looking to add some character animations, which will feature our main hero!!


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