Preparing for Release

After about a year’s development time, we’ve finally decided to aim to release in May, 2016! I have to admit, this took much longer than expected. Originally we only wanted to create the simplest game we could so that we could gain experience juicing and polishing user experience. One thing led to another, took a few months off here and there, and before you know it, a year has passed!

We’ve been testing our game plenty on friends, kids, friends’ kids, and found that the target audience that best vibed with our app are 1) Middle school-aged kids, and 2) Infinite-running game enthusiasts like Crossy Road players. These two audiences seem to really like our app, so in trying to target teenagers, we wanted to get it out while kids were still in school. If we can get the game out in early May, that gives about a month for our app to spread around.


(Random graphic from our game to make our wall of text more palatable)

The past week, we’ve been wrapping up graphics and sounds. We have about one more week left before we submit to the App Store, so it’s the last sprint. We also recently created a Super Piggy Punch landing page, but we don’t have any screenshots or videos yet. We’ve also created a link for a Presskit page, but currently has no media on it at all. We plan to fill out those two pages after we submit, and then try to get in contact with anyone who would be interested in promoting us. Marketing work should be quite interesting!

Well, time to get back to work. Have to go and add just one more thing!


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