Alpha Version

So the game’s development was halted for a few weeks due to an overseas trip. Development has started back up once again, and we have made quite a bit of progress.


The gameplay is simple: move your piggy character up and down to avoid flying swords coming at your piggy face! During the game, you’ll run into items that you can pick up. Two of the item types that we have are apples (not shown in the preview below), and also shields.

The game’s basic play right now has a beginning (menus+intro), middle (gameplay), and an end (win condition). We’re still experimenting with ways to present the levels as well as considering what to implement as unlockables.


There are also some snazzy cloud-puffy particle effects when obstacles are destroyed. Right now, we are holding back on adding any other crazy effects, because if we find something we want to add or remove during the beta testing, that might require a bit more work in the long run. We also tweaked some screenshake effects to enhance the “game feel.” Punching cows feel pretty good and satisfying!

Here’s a preview of the game’s current state:

Beta testing

In a few weeks, we want to put the game into more hands to see what is working and what isn’t. Beta testing is something that we’ve done in the past to see if the game is fun (rightfully so), but for this project, we want to take it to the next level, get it into even more hands than we did in the past, and allow beta testers to suggest feature additions (and then actually consider them!).

If you think you may be interested, feel free to send us an email to and let us know you would like to participate in the beta when it comes out! We’ll be aiming for beta release to be around late August or early September (2015).

The game will run on any iOS device (iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches) running iOS 7.0 or later. If you want to check out some more development videos, follow me on instagram @fizzyfrosty


First Round of Juice

So in this update, we’ve added a few new crazy elements to the mix:

The Whip Pan: When the game first starts, the plan is to implement a whip-pan scene – camera starts off showing your end goal, and then a whip effect is created to bring the focus back to the player, revealing that the gameplay will be a side scroller.

Since this game is an (in)finite side scroller, we couldn’t instantiate all of the elements and show the user exactly what they will be coming up against, so the whip effect was implemented to mask that. Ultimately, it turned out pretty well.

Particles: Also, we’ve been playing with some nifty particle effects to create a smoke trail from the main character running. I haven’t had much experience with particles, but after looking at all of the properties that existed, like the starting/ending sizes, color variances, rotations, it all began to make sense (sort of).

And some other small squirts of juice we added were, of course, camera shaking!

Here’s a demo with **placeholder graphics** and the newly implemented effects: